The Incredible Art Department (the best ever!) (ALL)
-lessons by grade group, art games, submit a lesson, assessment RUBRICS, museums,
holiday ideas, supplies, lesson templates

Life-Long-Learners.com (adaptable for ALL)
-so many project ideas and resources, it's impossible to describe. Manitoba based. Created by Brian Metcalfe.

Joe Evans (ALL)
- web 2.0and other Internet sites for art, fun photography, creative commons(copyright information)
Flickr toys for photo projects.

Artsonia (ALL)
- sign up for a free membership
- projects by grade, media type, subject
- lesson plan starters and art galleries by teachers

Artgraphica (JR HIGH)
- art lessons in paint, drawing, sketching
- tutorials, ,

The Lesson Plans Page(ALL)
- choose your grade level
-subject area connections for incorporating art
-thematic units (i.e. rocks, butterflies, flatfish, aviation, etc...)

Kinderart (K-2)
-lessons, crafts, activities, articles, lots of fun things!
-printables (pictures for activities)

artyfactory (JR/SR HIGH)
- lessons in drawing, design, history and appreciation

dickblick (ALL)
- lessons in all media, grade group organization

drawspace (JR/SR High)
-create a free profile
-take a course or access individual lessons for free
-printable, alphabetical

Crayola (K-2)
-lesson plans, art tips and techniques, certificate makers, color experiments

Ceramic Arts Daily (7-12)
-clay art, pottery , video demonstrations, free ebook content available for download.

art.teachers.net (ALL)
-4545 lesson plans (not a typo!)
-all subject areas and grade levels but arts and crafts section really interesting

-planning art units and lessons
-some good pedagogy with excellent sample pages
-excellent links to resource pages

The Imagination Factory (ALL)
- $10/yr membership, but many lesson ideas for free
- categories for all Art Lessons including painting, sculpture, crafts,
printmaking, collage, holiday arts and crafts, drawing, marbling, fiber arts

ICTmagic Art(ALL)
- digital art ideas, a multi-disciplinary wiki.