Here are some fun (and sometimes free) apps if you like the Apple way of thinking! All available at the App Store.

stumble.jpg StumbleUpon- set up your own free account with art as your favorite, or follow my stumbling on my StumbleUpon wiki page.

prezi.jpg Prezi Viewer- makes sharing ideas with the kids easy! Easy to learn with online tutorials, too.

Brushes.jpg Brushes- great for iPad art.,2817,2397339,00.asp

Pottery.jpg Pottery HD- try your hand, even if you don't have a wheel.

ArtAuthority.jpg Art Authority- an art specific encyclopedia- artists, artworks, styles. Very cool gallery.

Sketch.jpg SketchMe! HD- drawing on the iPad

Sketchbook.jpg SketchBook- more advanced sketching tools

Snapseed.jpg Snapseed- one of the best, easiest to use photo editors I have found.

Skitch.jpg Skitch- fun with speech balloons and funky effects.

NOTE: many of the apps are available for ipod, iphone, or ipad. They may also be available in 'Lite' form for you to try.